Merck 111609 Histosec™ pastilles 2,5 Kg

Katalog No: 111609.2504

Marka: Merck

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Merck 111609 Histosec™ pastilles solidification point 56-58°C embedding agent for histology

Synonyms: Embedding agents for microscopy, Embedding agent, Histosec®

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Merck 111609 Histosec™ pastilles solidification point 56-58°C embedding agent for histology



Katalog Numarası111609
Eş anlamlıEmbedding agents for microscopy, Embedding agent, Histosec®
AçıklamaHistosec™ pastilles
Genel BakışHistosec™ pastilles - solidification point 56-58 °C embedding agent for histology, is an embedding medium for histology of samples of human origin. it is a paraffin enriched with polymers and containing DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). Histosec™ pastilles (without DMSO) (Cat. nr. 115161) is also available. DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) increases the rate of penetration of paraffin and provides additional preservation of the tissue structures. Its melting range is between 56 - 58 °C and, within this range any specimen can be processed without fear of damage irrespective of the method used. In most clinical laboratories the paraffinization is performed with an automated embedding system and is performed directly after the histoprocessing. The Histosec™ pastilles are well Çözünür with the Intermedia Xylene (isometic mixture) (Cat .no. 108298) or xylene substitutes such as Neo-Clear™ (Cat. no 109843).The paraffin is an IVD registered product and CE certified, thus can be used for clinical diagnostic purposes. For more details, please see instructions for use (IFU). The IFU can be downloaded from this webpage.


Ürün Bilgisi
HS Kodu2712 20 90
Quality LevelMQ400


Fizikokimyasal Bilgiler
Parlama Noktası>100 °C
Kütle yoğunluğu400 kg/m3


Solidification point (rotating thermometer method)56 - 58 °C
Effect of heating (at 60 °C/100 g)clear melt within max. 20 hours
Çözünürlük in xylene (at 20 °C/0.1 g in 5 ml)clear solute within max. 20 hours
Cutting results (4 µm slices)conforms
Çözünürlük of slices in xylene< 50 seconds

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