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    Merck 109218 Gram's crystal violet solution

Merck 109218 Gram's crystal violet solution 500 Ml

Katalog No: 109218.0500

Marka: Merck

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Merck 109218 Gram's crystal violet solution for the Gram staining method

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Merck 109218 Gram's crystal violet solution for the Gram staining method



Katalog Numarası109218
AçıklamaGram's crystal violet solution
Genel BakışGram's crystal violet solution for the Gram staining method, is a ready-to-use solution used in bacteriology. The Gram staining allows a fast differentiation of bacteria in Gram-positive and Gram-negative.The mureine structure of the bacteria wall is the basis of the color affinity. In the first step, bacteria will be stained with Gram's crystal violet solution (Cat. No.109218), an aniline dye. After the treatment with iodine solution (Lugol’s solution stabilized with PVP, Cat No.100567), a dye-iodine complex will form. During the decolorizing step (Gram’s decolorizing solution, Cat. No. 110218), this complex stays in the multilayer mureine structure of the cell wall of Gram-positive bacteria - they will appear blue-violet. Gram-negative bacteria, by contrast, have a cell wall consisting of a single-layered murein structure, and correspondingly re-release the staining dye with the decoloring solution. Gram-negative bacteria will be counterstained with safranine solution (Gram's safranine solution (Cat.no. 109217) and will then appear pink to red.
A bottle with 500 ml Gram's crystal violet solution is sufficient for staining up to 250 slides. This product is registered as IVD and CE marked. For more details, please see instructions for use (IFU). The IFU can be downloaded from this webpage.


Ürün Bilgisi
HS Kodu3212 90 00
Quality LevelMQ400


Fizikokimyasal Bilgiler
Yoğunluk0.99 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Parlama Noktası47 °C


Suitability for microscopyTesti geçer
gram-positve microorganismsblue-violet
gram-negative microorganismspink to red

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