Merck 111885 Gram-Color 1 Set

Katalog No: 111885.0001

Marka: Merck

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Merck 111885 Gram-Color Stain set for the Gram staining method

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Merck 111885 Gram-Color Stain set for the Gram staining method



Katalog Numarası111885
Genel BakışGram-Renk - stain set for the Gram staining method, is used for human-medical cell diagnosis and serves the purpose of the bacteriological investigation of sample material of human origin, for example smears of body fluids. The Gram-Renk solutions are modified and designed in such a way that staining can be carried out in staining cells, on the staining rack, and also in automated staining systems. Gram-color modified, phenol-free is a staining set for staining microorganisms. Aniline dyes in the cell tissue of microorganisms form a red dye-iodine complex when exposed to iodine. Sodium hydrogen carbonate enhances the formation of this complex further still. In gram-positive microorganisms the dye-iodine complex cannot be subsequently dissolved from the cells by decolorizing agents such as alcohol or acetone. The cell remains dark blue in color. In gram-negative microorganisms the dye-iodine complex is dissolved and the cell turns red as a result of counterstaining with fuchsin. Gram-color modified, phenol-free is an IVD / CE product.
The package is sufficient for 250 applications. For further information, please see the IFU which can be found in the kit.


Ürün Bilgisi
HS Kodu3212 90 00
Quality LevelMQ400



Suitability for microscopyTesti geçer
Staphylococcus aureusdark blue-violet
E.colipink to red

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