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    Merck 109016 Neo-Mount™

Merck 109016 Neo-Mount™ 500 Ml

Katalog No: 109016.0500

Marka: Merck

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Merck 109016 Neo-Mount™ anhydrous mounting medium for microscopy

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Merck 109016 Neo-Mount™ anhydrous mounting medium for microscopy



Katalog Numarası109016
Genel BakışNeo-Mount™ -anhydrous mounting medium for microscopy, is an extremely color-stable, ready-to-use mounting medium for microscopy, which is produced with solvents based on mixtures of aliphatic hydrocarbons. It contains an aromatic-free substitute for xylene, thus, Neo-Mount™ needs to be combined with Neo-Clear™ (Cat. No. 109843) exclusively. Xylene must be avoided in the mounting step, as it will cause the slides to become cloudy and streaked. The application of Neo-Mount™ is not recommended in fluorescence microscopy for clinical diagnostics. In addition, by placing the dehydrated slides on filter paper for approx. 1 minute prior mounting, any excess of Neo-Clear™ could be circumvented, as air bubbles might arise under the coverslip. The same precondition should also be met when mounting specimens using cover-slip machines; in this area, Neo-Clear™ can be most efficiently eliminated by incubation of the slides for one minute in an empty slide rack. Neo-Mount™ produces a clear and hard film under the cover slip and takes approx. 30 minutes to dry.
Neo-Mount™ is an IVD product and CE certified and is available as handy 100 ml dropper bottle or 500 ml glass bottle for small or high-throughput demands in the clinical laboratory. For more details, please see instructions for use (IFU). The IFU can be downloaded from this webpage.

Refractive index (20°C) 1.417 - 1.465
Viscosity (20°C) 250 - 350 mPa*s


Ürün Bilgisi
HS Kodu3208 20 10
Quality LevelMQ400


Fizikokimyasal Bilgiler
Yoğunluk0.819 - 0.822 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Parlama Noktası19.5 °C
Viskozite Kinematik305 - 427 mm2/s (20 °C)


Refractive index (n 20/D)1.4171 - 1.4650
Viscosity (20 °C)250 - 350 mPa∙s
Suitability for microscopyTesti geçer

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